Top 10 Marriage Websites That Will Make You and Your Spouse Happy

You’ve probably heard that one in every two marriages in the United States end up in divorce. Yes, the divorce rate in the country is rising but it doesn’t mean that yours should end up in divorce as well especially if you exert effort in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

There are lots of ways to make your marriage as strong as ever. Aside from spending more time with each other, browsing websites where you can get information on how to understand and cope with relationship issues should help.

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Here’s our list of the top 10 marriage websites you and your spouse should visit regularly. These websites contain tons of resources ranging from articles, news, tips, guides, and inspirational stories that should help you in reinvigorating your relationships.

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center (

The NHMRC website is a one-stop portal for quality and timely information on healthy marriage and relationship education. It reports on recent research, policy changes, and news regarding marriage and relationships.

You’ll learn a lot from browsing this website, like how to protect your marriage from divorce, habits of a healthy marriage, and how to take care of your credit score and how it affects a marriage. There are also lots of programs to download aimed to promote healthy and harmonious relationship in the household, like activities for stay-at-home parents and grandparents.

Good Therapy (

One of the top therapist directories online is It is a group of mental health professionals from more than 30 countries worldwide. Founded by marriage and family therapist Noah Rubinstein, the website helps prevent therapists from abusing their power.

As a website that caters to married couples, Good Therapy has tons of articles about relationships and marriage, as well as family problems and divorce/divorce adjustment.

Smart Marriages (

This is the website of the Coalition for Marriage, Family, and Couples Education which seeks to make marriage education more accessible. It provides information to couples who want to a successful and healthy marriage.

A key element of this website is its directory of programs that couples can enroll I to become smarter about their marriage or relationship. The programs are diverse, targeting engaged/dating couples, married couples, newlyweds, as well as those facing challenges like infidelity and long-distance relationships. Programs are also categorized according to states, so you can enroll one that is available near your area.

Two Of Us (

This is a website from the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, whose website is also mentioned in this article. Like the NHMRC website, it offers tons of articles that you will find handy if you want to have a more harmonious relationship with your spouse.

The website is ideal for newlyweds, as it has lots of topics about engagement and preparing for the wedding, finances, and healthy relationship skills. Newlyweds will learn how to come down from the wedding high, first-year concerns, and how much they should spend on their holiday gifts, among other intriguing topics.

It also contains numerous videos and polls that should be of interest to any couple. There’s also a section for parenting, with topics like parenting skills and preparing for the birth of a new member of the family.

Growth Trac (

If you are facing numerous challenges in your marriage, feel free to visit Growthtrac. This is a website founded and managed by the Christian non-profit organization Growthtrac Ministries. It is a one-stop resource for marriage and spiritual information.

According to the group, the website has helped more than half a million marriages through its use of online media by providing information that enrich marriages and help hurting relationships. It has more than 4,000 pages of articles, interviews, and marriage-building resources.

The Marriage Bed (

Sex is an integral part of any marriage. How do you approach your sexual problems with your partner in a Christian way? Visit the Marriage Bed and learn how you can solve your problems in the bedroom without compromising your Christian values.

There’s an active online forum where you can share insights and ideas with other married individuals, with topics ranging from lack of sex, cheating, pornography, and trust issues.

Like most of the websites in this article, it also has tons of tips for strengthening your relationship with your spouse.

Marriage Gems (

Marriage Gems is a blog that provides marriage tips for couples. The difference of this website from other sites mentioned is that its tips are research-based.

The site’s founder is Lori Lowe, an Indianapolis-based researcher and blogger who has been married for more than 17 years. She has written a lot of interesting and insightful articles on various topics ranging from drug addiction, infidelity, financial crises, and much more.

Lowe isn’t a marriage counselor, but all of her writings are based on her interviews with marriage experts whose advice may be useful for couples whose relationships are on the rocks. She also has recommendations on marriage counselors and marriage and relationship books for couples.

Save The Marriage System (

If your relationship is being tested, then you might want to check out this website created by Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. who has provided advice to thousands of couples going through conflicts and were on the brink of divorce.

According to Harley, Marriage Builders is the top infidelity support site on the Internet. It has more experience in assisting couples to successfully recover from infidelity issues than any other website. Its information and support sections are free of charge, so you can read its numerous articles and blog posts.

The website also has episodes of the Marriage Builders radio broadcast which is dedicated to answering infidelity-related questions and other issues that married couples may be facing. Start listening to this radio broadcast as the problems you may be having with your spouse could be discussed thoroughly here.

Marriage Quest (

Sometimes, going on a retreat with your partner is just what you need to save a relationship and make both parties happy again. But how do you find a marriage retreat program in your area? Why not visit Marriage Quest, a website which offers a private, personalized three-day marriage retreat program for couples who want to add vigor to their lethargic relationships.

The retreat program features two highlyt rained marriage and family therapists. It was named the best marriage counseling retreat in the United States by

Project Happily Ever After (

This is a blog created and managed by Alisa Bowman who details how she and her husband was able to save their marriage after being on the brink of divorce. It has a lot of articles and blog posts on various topics like intimacy, extramarital affairs, and the like.

There’s also a section where frequently asked marriage questions are discussed. The website also offers a free e-book, newsletter subscription and marriage resource links.

These are the top websites that you and your spouse should regularly visit if you are to have a happy marriage. These websites have the articles, tips, and other information that can give you inspiration to build a healthy and happy married life.

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