What You Should Know About The Magic of Making Up

Going through a difficult time in your relationship? The Magic of Making Up teaches you how to patch things up with your partner.

There are only handful things in life that are as painful and traumatic as breaking up with someone you love. A breakup, divorce, or disagreement can leave you spending sleepless nights. In some unfortunate instances, people commit suicide because they couldn’t foresee themselves being separated from the ones they love.

I’ve had my share of breakups before, and I do know the anxiety that comes with trying to win back your beau. There are the typical questions and issues like “should I be the one to reach out?” and “it’s not my fault that we broke up so I should not text or call her.”

Magic of Makingup

But what happens when your partner has closed the door to a potential reconciliation? Should you just move on and find a new love?

These are the things that author T.W. Jackson tackles in his book “The Magic of Making Up.” Obviously, the book discusses ways to make up with your partner after a spat. Its designed for both men and women, tackling issues from both perspectives.

What is the Magic of Making Up?

The “Magic of Making Up” is an e-book that has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people in more than 70 countries worldwide. Its sales continue to grow at an impressive rate, proof of how effective it is in helping lovesick individuals win back the hearts of their exes.

Magic of Making Up Love

About the Author

T.W. Jackson is an ex-army member who has dabbled into writing self-help books like this one. He admits not having formal training in counseling, but says he knows a thing or two about relationships. He and his wife have been together for more than two decades.

What Are the Features?

The program begins with a short introduction that basically sets the tone for the rest of the book. It tells what readers can expect from the program, and gives an overview of the rest of the book.

It begins with a chapter that lists and discusses potential reasons why relationships end. It puts a breakup into perspective by breaking down the various reasons why guys and gals stay in or end their relationships.

The next chapter teaches you how to calm yourself down after the breakup. This is important because you need to get your bearings back, so that you won’t blow your chances of winning back your ex.

Once you have learned how to become calm and collected, the next stage you have to go through is reassessing your relationship. The chapter specifically asks you to assess the good things about you and your partner, as well as the negatives. The aim of this chapter is to help you get into a resolution on whether you really want to get back your ex, or just move on with your life.

Now if you want to win back your ex, the next part of the book will come in handy. This is the initial phase of the reconciliation work plan. In this chapter, you will learn how you can re-ignite the spark by working on yourself first specifically regaining your self-confidence.

The next chapter shares how you can go back on the dating scene. It encourages you to see other people aside from your ex. It emphasizes the need to go out on casual dates and not entering the so-called rebound relationships, and why it would help your cause to win back your ex in the long run.

The next two chapters run down tips on how to reconnect with your former lover. Once you are able to reconnect with him, you will also have to learn how to behave without opening up the old wounds that led to your breakup.

This is very important since most of the time, ex-partners who reconcile end up hurting each other again because they commit the mistake of digging up old issues.

Finally, the last chapter of the book discusses how to move on if the relationship cannot be saved anymore. It gives tips on how you can close a painful chapter in your life, and prevent you from committing mistakes that people tend to commit while on a post-break up depression (suicide, alcoholism, and other vices).


    • It’s a tried and tested breakup program having been introduced in the market in 2007.
    • It works both for men and women, enabling them to deal with a resolve a divorce, disagreement, or breakup.
    • It is a very straightforward program providing practical advice and clear actionable steps that you can follow to make up with your ex. It helps that the author is not a specialist at all so he gives pieces of advice that are applicable in real life.
    • The program is easy to understand with the author preferring to make use of simple words. The lack of jargons and technical words further makes the book an easy read, appealing even to people who are brokenhearted but not exactly fond of reading voluminous reading materials.
    • The program is available in PDF format which makes it very convenient to its readers. You can just save it on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop and read it anywhere you are.
    • The author offers a 60-day money back guarantee. In the event that you were not impressed with the book, you can return it and get your money back without answering any query.
    • As you may read in other The Magic of Making Up reviews, the program is very affordable at just $39. That’s right, you’re getting this excellent breakup self-help guide for less than $40. Think of how you can save your relationship just by spending 40 bucks on a great item like this.
    • It doesn’t hide the fact that all relationships cannot be saved. There’s the inescapable truth that no matter how much you love a person, he or she may not be the one destined for you.
      The final chapter of the book clearly demonstrates that as it offers tips on how you can move on from a painful breakup.
    • Because the program requires simply downloading the e-book, you should not worry about being embarrassed receiving a product about making up with your loved one.
    • It can help strengthen and nurture relationships in the long run.


    • There’s very poor customer support, as reported by many people who have actually bought the product.
    • The email address displayed in the author’s website bounces in the email, proof of the unreachable or unresponsive customer support.


While the guide has not been updated by its authors since 2007, it remains a very good e-book to buy for people who are having problems in their relationships. It is an action-oriented guide that lets people repair their relationships and rekindle the love that they have for their special ones.

Jackson gives expert advice, and the way he presents his ideas further makes the e-book an engaging read. There is no denying that if you want to save your relationship, The Magic of Making Up is the product that you should get your hands on.

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