Save My Marriage Today Review

Fearing that your marriage will be over soon? Prevent it from happening by reading the Save My Marriage Today e-book. I am going to write save my marriage today review that may help you to know everything about the book.

Save My Marriage Today Book

They say that every relationship has its shares of ups and downs. But what if your marriage is dragging you down that you almost want to give up? Should you just raise your hands in frustration and let your marriage be another one that ends up in divorce?

You might have heard that nearly half of the marriages in the United States end up in divorce. Isn’t that a scary idea? The thought that your spouse leaving you and your kids can make you devastated.

I have been in a similar situation before. My wife and I were almost about to call it quits. But I loved her so much that I tried to fight for our relationship, though she clearly didn’t want to be part of my life anymore.

How did I succeed in saving my marriage? I bought the “Save My Marriage Today” program by Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch, which I will be reviewing right now.

What is the Save My Marriage Today?

Based on the title itself, Save My Marriage Today is a relationship and marriage program that is designed for couples who are having marital problems. It is gender-neutral, meaning it does not speak from a male or female-centric perspective. It focuses on the marriage dynamics, offering practical ways of resolving issues from the trivial to the seemingly irreconcilable.

The program is recommended for couples who are still together but fear that their relationship will soon end. It is also ideal for couples looking for effective strategies to improve their marriage, as well as those wanting to rekindle the spark with their partners before their marriage ends.

It is also a good read for husbands and wives who want to realize the mistakes they are committing in their marriage, and ways to prevent those mistakes from recurring. The guide is also recommended to people wanting to open communication channels with their spouses.

About the Program Authors

The authors of the program, Waterman and Rusbatch, are accomplished in their own right. Waterman, the lead author, has a background in literature and philosophy. She has a master’s in writing.

Moreover, Waterman is part of various reputable dating and relationship groups like “Seduction Genie” and “Meet Your Sweet.” To say that she knows how to give expert relationship advice would be an obvious understatement.

The other author, Rusbatch, has been involved in the Save My Marriage Today organization.

What Are Its Features?

The guide starts off with an introduction which gives you the reassurance that no matter how sour things have become, your marriage is still worth saving. It also explains why you’d rather be part of a healthy marriage and that marital issues are something every couple have to deal with.

The next section is quite technical but still important as it discusses the marriage life cycle. This would be very enlightening to newly married couples who think that married life is all about honeymoons and thus unprepared when marital issues crop out.

The next section is one of the more critical parts of the course, as it sets realistic relationship standards. It discuses and shatters some of the most common misconceptions that people have about marriage.

After learning the fundamentals of marriage, you will then proceed to the very meat of the guide. These sections contain practical tips on repairing your marriage. These issues include dealing with conflicts, coping with growing children, re-invigorating your relationship, and preventing or stopping infidelity, among others.

In between the sections are practical exercises that you or your spouse can do.

The final chapters of the guide are dedicated to marriage counseling, as the authors discuss the tell-tale signs that a married couple may have to consider seeing a marriage therapist as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage.

For a reasonable price of $49.95, you can get your hands on the standard package that includes the e-book “Save My Marriage Today” with lifetime updates. There’s also the guide called “Stress: The Silent Killer” which shares tips on how you can cope with stress, and another guide that talks how you can be happy and live your life to the max.

Another e-guide called “How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship” should address your worries about infidelity. You will also learn the six most common reasons for divorce and how to stop them from happening in your life.

Also included in the package is a free one month trial of the “Amazing Self” subscription program and personal email consultation with a team member of “Save My Marriage Today.”


    • It covers a wide range of marital issues, from infidelity to finances to coping with stress. These issues are usually the ones that are causing couples to separate and file for a divorce.
    • It is not biased in a sense that there it doesn’t take any sides. It acknowledges that both the husband and wife could have their shortcomings that have contributed to a potential divorce.
    • You’d only take less than a week to read or cover the entire course. It’s a great alternative to going to marriage counseling which can take weeks and even months.
    • The methods presented by the authors are very practical and easy to understand. The 30-plus exercises can also be repeated as often as you wish or need to, if you want to enhance your relationship with your spouse.
    • The program is applicable for both men and women. Since it is co-authored by a man and woman, the program is predictably gender-neutral. Instead of emphasizing the differences between men and women and the possible issues arising from those differences, the program chooses to focus more on the dynamics of relationships.
    • It has a lot of bonuses which makes the program quite a steal given its very low price.
    • The program is well-presented, thus there should be no troubles at all for any couple to understand the ideas introduced and discussed by the authors.
    • It includes a free email consultation that customers can take advantage of, especially if they have specific problems that they want to resolve or if they have further clarification about issues that the course does not cover.
    • It can help repair damaged relationships and prevent marriages from ending up in divorce.
    • The program can help in promoting more happy and fulfilled families.


    • The lack of customer support as they are providing only 5 days support in a week. And the support system is not 24 hours in a day. They maintain office hour only.
    • The guide is not a magic pill that can make a bad relationship turn into a happy, harmonious one overnight. You should also have a can-do attitude and a positive mindset to make your marriage work.


Save My Marriage Today is one of the most comprehensive self-help guide for couples who want to repair their relationships. If you feel that your marriage would end up in divorce, do yourself a favor by getting this e-book. You actually don’t need your partner to read the manual, too, because the methods and practices presented here can be performed and practice by just one person.

Simply put, Save My Marriage Today could be just what the doctor ordered for your relationship that is on the rocks.

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