Top 10 Gifts for Married Couples

Shopping for a wedding gift? Or thinking to buy gifts for married couples of a present for a couple who’s been married for years? It can really be tricky to shop for gifts for married couples, as you’re looking for an item that would be useful and interesting to two different people. But you won’t go wrong when you give any of the following gifts:

gifts for married couples

Safe Choices of Gifts for Married Couples


Artwork won’t go passé 50 years from now, which makes it an ideal wedding gift. Moreover, artwork can be easy for a couple to incorporate into their home, regardless of the size of their place.
Of course, one question that you may have in mind is how you can determine the taste of the couple. You can get insights into what the couple is inspired by checking out their Pinterest accounts.
You don’t have to buy large artwork to impress the couple. On the contrary, it is better to give a smaller artwork because it would be easier for them to find a place for it. They can always place it by a bedside, or lean it gently on a bookshelf.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are ideal particularly for a newly-wed couple setting up house. They will find a coffee maker or slow cooker practical and very much appreciated. Moreover, a new couple will likely not have a fully functional kitchen yet, so giving them a kitchen appliance should be a welcome addition to their inventory.
But don’t dismiss kitchen appliances as gifts that newlyweds would appreciate. Even for couples who have already established households, these items will still be a welcome addition. You can give a high end model of common appliances, or even give them a specialty appliance.
Aside from a coffee maker and slow cooker, you can give kitchen appliances like juicer, toaster, waffle maker, rice cooker, and bread maker.

Techie Choices of Gifts for Married Couples

Wireless headset for TV

Why would you give a married couple a wireless headset for TV? Shouldn’t you give them something that will encourage them to bond with each other? Well the truth is there are times when couples also need some private time from each other.
The husband may want to watch an episode of his favorite TV show without annoying his wife. Or the wife may want to get her fix of Oprah without distracting the hubby. These are the instances when a wireless headset will come in very handy.
You won’t have any shortage of wireless headset options, as there are lot of models to choose from. Pick one that is lightweight, battery-equipped, and with high-frequency RF to ensure clear and sharp reception.

DSLR Camera

This is an excellent gift for a newlywed couple as you are giving them perhaps the best device to document their adventures. While almost all people are relying on their smartphones and tablets to take photos, a DSLR camera is still the best gadget when it comes to taking photographs.
Newlyweds will appreciate having a camera in tow when they go on their honeymoon. The camera will still be useful in the coming years, like for taking photos of their firstborn.
With the numerous DSLR models in the market, you should have no problems finding a model that suits your budget.

Practical Choices of Gifts for Married Couples


There will always be arguments on whether or not cash is a great gift idea for couples. But there are also a lot of reasons why you should not hesitate in giving cash to a married couple, especially during their wedding or even anniversary celebrations.
One, it is ultra convenient on your part as you don’t have to waste your time thinking of something to give to the couple. Second, many couples are actually secretly hoping that someone would give them cold cash.
Third, cash can be used by couples to offset their expenses like honeymoon trip or wedding expenses. An amount of $100 to $200 should be enough for newly-weds.

Old Favorites of Gifts for Married Couples

Wine Rack

Here’s a traditional but very practical gift idea for married couples. Wine racks will be appreciated by any couple receiving them.
For one, a wine rack can be considered as the perfect home accent. It is functional and stylish. It can add an elegant look on any counter top, corner and table.
Wine racks are a bit pricey too, so the recipient should be happy that they’re getting one expense off their list. Moreover, the couple you’re giving a wine rack should be able to store their favorite wine bottles with the gift that you are presenting them with.

Picture Frame

Another popular gift option for married couples is the picture frame. You won’t go wrong with this item as the married couple will have lots of photos to display in their home.
Whether photos of their wedding day or stills of their European sojourn; couples will want to showcase their photographs at home. And so a picture frame will always be appreciated by both husband and wife. Look for multi-photo frames so that the couple can group their photos by theme.
A related item would be a large photo album which lets the couple to keep all their photos together so they can look back on and even share it with their guests.

For Elderly Couples of Gifts for Married Couples

Pill Organizer

But what should you give an elderly couple who has almost everything in life? You can give them a pill organizer, which comes in various designs. Pill organizers also vary in styles, from daily to monthly storage options. Find an organizer that has compartments big enough for the married couple’s needs, as well one that is easy to open.
A pill organizer is an inexpensive way to encourage older couples to remain healthy and independent. It is no secret that managing medications can be a challenge for many old people specially those who have to take certain prescriptions at specific times during the day.

Grocery and Errand List Organizer

Here’s another gift that should be appreciated by elderly people: a voice-activated grocery and errand list organizer. Yes, this is a device that records and sort items into separate categories, and even prints a paper list that the user can bring to the store. It’s definitely a must-have for couples who forget things like what they wanted to buy from the store.
The sorting option of this device is very useful for elderly couples as they no longer have to aimlessly wander the aisles just to find an item. You should also find a grocery list organizer that has a magnetic back, which can keep the organizer on the fridge door.

Scratch Travel Map

If you’re thinking of a gift for a couple who likes to travel a lot, then this item should be one to get.
Scratch travel maps can make it easier for couples to record their travels. Some versions can be taped on walls while others are compact enough to pop in a suitcase. It is basically a travel journal that couples will love.

There you have it—ten of the best gifts for married couples ideas that you should consider getting for newlyweds to couples who have been together for decades.

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