Best First Anniversary Gifts Ideas

First anniversary gifts can be a hustle. You’ve been married for one blissful year and the pressure to get your spouse the perfect gift can be frustrating. A gift that says thank you for loving me at my worst, sticking around and fighting that little urge that continuously whispered you were better off without me isn’t easy to find. Well first anniversary gift ideas should be sentimental; something you can look back at after many years and remember. They should be meaningful; something that both you and your spouse have come to share and take pride in. A couple of those gifts can include:

First anniversary gifts

Handmade Personalized Gifts

Hand-made gifts make lovely first anniversary gifts. Worry not if you are not endowed in the creative sector, you don’t have to make them yourself. You just have to find someone to make them for you. It can be bracelets, necklaces or rings for the wife. It should preferably be in neutral form and color. You definitely don’t want to hear the ‘it doesn’t match with any of my clothes excuse’. For the husband one can find key holders or small picture frames. One can then engrave a little sentimental message like ‘love you to the moon and back’ or ‘infinity times infinity’. You can also engrave the date of your anniversary. If possible one can have pictures framed into them. This way every time your spouse wears or stares at it, it reminds them of you.

Plan a Getaway

Another first anniversary gift idea would be a short vacation. A few romantic destinations include Paris, Hawaii, if you enjoy cool sandy beaches or even Argentina (heard they have beautiful couple rituals). Take time and rekindle the romance you had before you settled into the boring routine of marriage. Sometimes though, especially in the 21st century, time and money isn’t your friend. The goal however is to spend time with your spouse. A night at home can just as special when it comes to a first anniversary gift. Go out of your way and cook a lovely dinner, set the candles, dim the lights, put on some mood music; the whole enchilada. Make them feel special. Even a night of watching movies with popcorn and a little beer wouldn’t hurt. It doesn’t matter how big the gesture, these opportunities give you a chance to bond, talk, remind yourselves why you fell in love and serve as beautiful reminders of your sacrifice and love.

Buy the Perfect Gift

Last but not least, we can always go the old school way. One can simply buy a gift. Something you know your other half has been dying to have. It can be those shoes she’s been saving up for, that watch he’s been craving to have or that piece of jewelry she’s been eyeing from afar. Sometimes the gift doesn’t have to be for the both of you. Buying this gift shows that as a spouse you listen as the other rumbles about simple materialistic things and that you care enough to get it for them even if it doesn’t mean as much to you.

Final Talk

Nevertheless, first anniversary gift ideas are personal and mainly depend on the couple. They vary depending on the couples preferences, traditions or even beliefs. The main idea behind it is merely finding ways to remind each other that you appreciate that one last year together and hope for many more.

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