Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts

Invited to a wedding but still clueless on what to present to the couple? Pick up gift ideas by reading this article properly. So hope you may overcome your problem to buy best wedding gifts. This is the best helpful article from Dating 7 website.

Going to a wedding but still undecided on what to give the couple? There’s no denying that one of the minor annoyances of going to a wedding is thinking of something for the newlyweds.

Should you stick with the tried-and-tested photo albums, china and silverware? Or get them a pair of airline tickets? Is cash good enough?

The rule of thumb in shopping for best wedding gifts is to consider the needs and tastes of the couple. You don’t want to get them a coffee maker if they aren’t exactly fond of the brew. Of course, you also have to set a budget before shopping for a wedding gift. But remember! High budget not is enough for best wedding gifts. You must have good & innovative idea for that also.

That said, here are the 10 best wedding gifts you should include in your short list:

best wedding gifts

Furniture and Appliances

Love Seat

The newlyweds should enjoy their private time together with a love seat in their room. A love seat will not only come in handy during their honeymoon, but also be useful for many years to come. A love seat can also be removed from the bedroom and instead placed in the living room where it can add functionality and look to the space.
Because you may have no idea on the size of the couple’s home, settle for the smallest love seat that you can find in a brick and mortar store. When it comes to colors, you can’t go wrong with classic and neutral colors like brown and black.

Vacuum Cleaner

Couples who love pets will particularly appreciate a vacuum cleaner. But couples who don’t keep dogs or cats in the house will still love getting a cleaning machine that can suck up dirt in a matter of seconds.
You can allot around $100 to $300 for a good vacuum cleaner model. At that price range you should be able to nag a mid-priced vacuum cleaner that should be powerful enough to pick up dirt and hair. Cheaper models are better suited for cleaning hard floors.
If you know that the couple’s place is carpeted, you might have to go for a higher end model.

Vinyl Player

Vinyl is hip once again, so it makes sense to give a music-loving couple a vinyl turntable. Sales of vinyl grew by more than 50 percent in 2015, with sales in the United States now worth more than those of YouTube and Spotify combined.

And to make the package complete, so to speak, why don’t you throw in a couple vinyl records of their favorite music? Perhaps buy them vinyl records of the music played during their wedding, so they can re-live the moment anytime they wish.


Luxurious Hotel Room for their First Night

Make sure that the newlyweds start their marriage on the right food by giving them a night to remember. Pay for their one-night stay in a luxurious hotel. You can check with the mother of the bride or the maid of honor if the couple has made reservations for their first night as a husband and wife.

You can also make your gift more thrilling by arranging for the couple’s massage or spa treatment on the very same night they are checked in the hotel you made arrangements with.

Make their Honeymoon Sweeter and More Memorable

You can make their honeymoon more memorable by upgrading whatever they have for their vacation. For example, upgrade their plane tickets to business class. Or give them a DSLR camera so they can take great pictures while in Europe or the Bahamas.

Of course, it is important that you coordinate with the people close to the couple so that you will know what type of honeymoon they’re planning to have. You can also make things easier for you by communicating with the couple themselves, although you will be leaving out the surprise factor by going that route.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Do you have deep pockets? If budget is not a problem, then why don’t you give the couple an experience they will never forget for the rest of their lives?

For instance, why don’t you book them tickets to the Super Bowl? Or perhaps courtside seats to this year’s US Open? If they love hoops, then why don’t you buy them tickets to an NBA game?

If music is their thing, then think of how thrilled they would be to see Beyonce and Jay-Z in concert. The memories they’ll have for the present you give them should be enough for them to remember you until their last breath.

For the Kitchen

Cast Iron Pans

The kitchen is called by some as the heart and soul of the kitchen, thus you’d be wise enough to give the newlyweds kitchen cookware like cast iron pans. Sure, these are traditional gifts but there’s a reason why people keep on giving them. One is that these are tried-and-tested pieces of equipment that couples will be able to use for many, many years.

You can’t go wrong with a small collection of cast-iron pans, preferably the antique type. These are durable and should last for a long, long while. And because you’re getting the newlyweds antiques, you will give them well-seasoned pans that are stylish enough to enhance the look of the kitchen.

You can choose several varieties. A 10-inch skillet should be useful on weeknights for the couple, while something bigger will work well for entertaining a few guests on weekend. Rust should not be a concern with used cast-iron although you must pass up on a cracked item.

You may also consider nonstick cookware, which fits health-conscious eaters who want to prepare low-fat meals in a convenient way.

Kitchen Canisters

A practical storage solution that newlyweds would love to have in their kitchen is a kitchen canister. Kitchen canisters can keep food fresh while providing storage solution for those who have limited space in the kitchen. Look for canisters with clear glass lids so that the newlyweds can easily find what they’re looking for, and those with silicone gaskets for a secure seal.

You must also get a canister that can resist odors, stain and corrosion. The recipients should be able to use this gift for decanting staples like sugar, tea, and coffee.

For the Bedroom


Ensure that the new couple will enjoy their time together in their bedroom by giving them a beautiful and comfortable bed sheet. Again, there’s a reason why people keep on giving bed sheets to newlyweds—these items can last for a long time. Moreover, they can indulge in sheets available in various colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Mattress Pad

The newlyweds should enjoy a good night’s sleep with a comfortable mattress to lie down on. A mattress pad should give them the extra comfort for a restful sleep, decreasing the tossing and turning.

There you have it, 10 of the best wedding gifts that you can present to a newlywed. Our list includes expensive to reasonably priced gifts, so you should be able to pick one depending on your budget. But again, don’t forget to think- budget is not enough always to buy best wedding gifts. It’s also depends on your test, on your think.

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